The Railwayman’s wife

The Railwayman's Wife web imageit’s 1948, AND PEOPLE chase their dreams through the books in the railway’s library. Meet the characters Annika lachland, Roy Mckinnon and Frank Dapper. Each bounds by their past, each looks for an aswer for their destinies, and each finds solace within the pages of the books.

Annika’s world implodes when accident occured and she lost her husband (her soulmate). And life turns around for Roy Mckinnon ex militaty and Frank as well. Protection, ambition, and different types od love are the main themes that simmer under the surface of every page.

This is a warm-hearted story of people’s lives after the world war 2. There is no way a book like this can be reviewed in so few words. No descriptive words seem good enough. This book raises many important questions about love, life and how once in a lifetime you can find love that is so pure when it left you, you’ll just become an empty shell. This book is about how you survives the life and refuses the emptiness in life.


Rating : 5 glowing stars

Note: I get this book as an uncorrected proof from Allen and Unwin in exchange for an honest review