Questions of Travels by Michelle de Kretser



A mesmerising literary novel, Questions of Travel charts two very different lives. Laura travels the world before returning to Sydney, where she works for a publisher of travel guides. Ravi dreams of being a tourist until he is driven from Sri Lanka by devastating events.
Around these two superbly drawn characters, a double narrative assembles an enthralling array of people, places and stories – from Theo, whose life plays out in the long shadow of the past, to Hana, an Ethiopian woman determined to reinvent herself in Australia.
Award-winning author Michelle de Kretser illuminates travel, work and modern dreams in this brilliant evocation of the way we live now. Wonderfully written, Questions of Travel is an extraordinary work of imagination – a transformative, very funny and intensely moving novel.

From the very first sentence of Questions of Travel we know something terrible is in store for our main character. ‘When Laura was two the twins decided to kill her’. We immediately know something was in store for Laura.

A mesmerising literary novel, Questions of Travel explores two very different lives of Laura and Ravi. The intersection between life, travelling and the questions about the meaning of life is the main topic of this book.

Firstly, the narratives follows Laura’s life journey, an unhappy and eccentric woman who heads overseas in search of adventure and the meaning of life.  Then the narrative follows Ravi’s life and his fascination in geography and computers.

Both of the main characters life is intersect and lead to a conclusion that is totally unexpected about a haunting story of loss and the senseless brutality of the tragic of life. This novel is an inspiring story about love, life , and the journey to find home and acceptance.

It’s beautifully written book with a rich language. The story is told in an easy, accessible style that follows a straightforward chronological narrative.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

Format ARC

I received this book from the publisher allen and Unwin in exchange for an honest review


4 thoughts on “Questions of Travels by Michelle de Kretser

    • Thank You Mbak Lely:). Ini kayaknya mbak bisa suka ceritanya;). Dalem banget ceritanya:). Ntar kalo pulang muat di bagasi mau kubawa plg sekalian liburan ini, and kupinjemin ke Mbak;)

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