jackie and the beanstalk

Long ago, in a faraway land, well not too long ago maybe around 10 years ago and ok, maybe not too far away. There lived a girl called Jackie (12 years old) and her mom in a small farm. They were very poor and the only valuable thing they had was one cow called Milky White.

Since they needed food to survive, Jackie against her mother very good judgement decided to sell their only valuable thing (the cow).

On her way to the market, Jackie stumbled upon a very beautiful looking pawned shop called “Fe fi fo fum”.  There she met an old man offered to trade her five magic beans for the cow.

“There you are ,girlie, wondering if you know how many beans make five?”

“Is that an insult, well since you are an old man, I will forgive you for your sexist remark,” said Jackie.

“Just so you know two in each of my hand and one inside my mouth,” says Jackie, very harsh and impolite.

“There you go, correct answer,” says the old man, “and see look here they are , he pulls five strange-looking beans from inside his pocket. “As you are very brave let’s swap my beans with your cow!”

“Yes, why not?” so it is Jackie swap her cow with five beans.

So, it should come as no surprise that her mother felt angry toward Jackie and throws the beans outside into the garden and banished her from having any dinner that night.

Then Jackie woke up and saw the sun was shining but the rest of the world looks quite dark and shady. There she saw a huge beanstalk, because she was very rude with the old man, he did not bother to explain to Jackie that the beans are magical.

So, Jackie climbed up, and she climbed, and she climbed, and she climbed till she saw the giant castle. There she was greeted by the giantess. Learning from her experience with the old man before now Jackie was very polite to her.   There she saw so much gold money. She wanted to steal it and then she heard the Giant come home  singing

Fee- fi-fo-fum

I smell the blood of an Englishman,

Be he alive, or be he dead,

I’ll have his bones to grind my bread

 Jackie already on her way to steal the money, and she mocked the giant by saying “I am an English woman not an English man.”

She climbed down the beanstalk and the giant soon run after her, but in the middle Jackie remembered that no matter how poor she is honesty is the most important thing. So she went back and returned the gold money to giant. The giant felt very impressed with her attitude, adopted her and raised her as his daughter. Jackie then went to college, and became a rich lawyer, and she and her mother lived happily ever after.

Moral : From this story, one learns that as a kids we have to be polite towards the elderly besides

Honesty is very important to gain others’ appreciation toward our character. If we want to become rich person we have to work hard to gain our success and not just steal it from others.


national bookshop day

Some amazing things have been going on on Dymocks Melbourne last saturday. It was start with a visit from andy griffith, tiffany hall.Some amazing imaginary characters including jack sparrow also came to visit on Saturday